Will the Medicare Plan Cover My Surgery?

Will the 2019 Medicare Plan Cover My Surgery?

Normally, Medicare covers the majority of the procedures that are medically necessary. Thus, for those wondering if Medicare will cover their surgery, the short answer is yes. Even though which part of the Medicare compensates you for it will be decided on the type of surgery a person undergoes.


In case a person has a surgery when he/she is admitted as an inpatient, the Part A might cover the surgical procedure. But, those undergoing the procedure as an outpatient may need Part B so as to cover their surgery.


Part B compensates for 80 percent of your surgery costs. But, you’ll need to pay for the remaining 20 percent as well as the deductible. The good news is, a Medicare supplement plan can cover the remaining 20 percent costs for you.


The supplemental plan covers surgery once you receive your share from the Medicare. Most individuals have a wrong belief that the Part A hospital benefits pay for the surgery. But, the truth is that the surgery comes as an outpatient benefit within Part B Medicare even if a person decides to stay for the rest of the night in the hospital for his/her surgery.


In order to know if the surgery is covered in your selected supplement, simply check if your basic Medicare plan covers the procedure or not. If the answer is yes, then the supplemental policy will also pay for the remaining 20 percent of your costs.



Know that Medicare supplements pay for surgeries which are essential & available at a reasonable cost. In case your operation is for cosmetic or other foot care reasons, then neither Medicare nor the supplement plan will compensate anything for it. By law, you can’t be compensated for anything which Medicare does not initially approve. So, in the event, Medicare rejects your bill, more often than not the supplemental plan will also reject your request to pay for the remaining 20 percent amount.


Will the Medicare Cover My Cataract Surgery?


Definitely, your cataract surgery will be covered under Part B of Medicare. You’ll also be compensated for a pair of eye-glasses once your surgery is completed.


Are Oral Operations Covered Under Medicare?


Probably not, though there might be situations where the medical necessity might need it. For instance, if you required a surgery for repairing a fracture or a broken jaw. Similarly, if you’ve oral cancer & the doctor suggests you an oral surgery, the cost of surgery may be covered by your Medicare. Always consult with the doctor who will be carrying out the procedure and ensure that he/she accepts patients on Medicare.


Will Medicare Pay for an Open Heart Surgery?


Yes as you would need to stay in the hospital for the surgery, it’ll likely come under Part A Medicare.